photographic journeys

From the very first visit, I fell in love with the intoxicating, heady vibrancy of the continent the colours, the sounds, the smells, but most of all the people. I felt that I had come home - those six months ignited an ongoing passion for the Hispanic world.


Published work include editorial for The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Time magazine, Wanderlust, Geographical, Traveller, Business Traveller, South American Handbook, The Rough Guides, Insight Guides, National Geographic Guides and Time Out City Guides.


As a freelance documentary photographer I’ve worked for a number of international aid agencies and NGOs including Christian Aid, Sight Savers and Concern.

Fab in Scotland copy

I am self-taught save for a masterclass with Grace Robertson (Picture Post) and a workshop with Alex Webb (Magnum).


Early Influences include the US Depression-era photographs of the Farm Security Administration program, especially Walker Evans' and Dorothea Lange's work. The photo essays of Picture Post and LIFE. And later, the 'Kodachrome 64' photo-journalism of National Geographic magazine. The street photography of Alex Webb and David Alan Harvey of Magnum. Both photographers showed me that street photography can be quite magical when colour, light and shade form an intrinsic part of the composition.


My defining moment was a six-month sabbatical from my desk job in London and travelling, alone, through South America with my camera, a 24mm lens and 100 rolls of Fuji Velvia.

i've owned a camera since the age of 11 and recording my surroundings, capturing what I feel, has always been a fundamental part of how I relate to the world. fabienne